AnimeClay Top Features · Editor's Choice · About ・情報 · For years I have actively searched through the internet for anime art to adore. After creating a large collection of my favorite artists, I decided it could be nice to share. In America, I feel that much of the anime fandom neglects the artists and their style and pays more attention to the characters -- often paying no respect to the artist/source even if they like it. As an artist myself, this makes me pretty upset. I made this blog hoping to change that around. You can call me Miq, and enjoy the artists, here at Anime Clay.

It is hard to expect what will be in the next image by the Korean artist known as Olivia. As shown, her subject matter is all over the place. Other than having a nice variety, she is amazing with the small details and beautifully renders shapes with her precise shading.

At times, her art reminds me a lot of Maggi, especially when its comes to the fancy details, and sometimes the faces. I really like the way she does that thick hair (often seen in Korean anime art), and her variety really does keep me on my toes.

For Olivia’s Pixiv:

For their site:

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