AnimeClay Top Features · Editor's Choice · About ・情報 · For years I have actively searched through the internet for anime art to adore. After creating a large collection of my favorite artists, I decided it could be nice to share. In America, I feel that much of the anime fandom neglects the artists and their style and pays more attention to the characters -- often paying no respect to the artist/source even if they like it. As an artist myself, this makes me pretty upset. I made this blog hoping to change that around. You can call me Miq, and enjoy the artists, here at Anime Clay.


self introduction: ^♥^

Cute and colorful, riqurr’s work impressively switches between a minimal illustrative look and delicate painterly style. Consistently angelic, their princess aesthetic is flawlessly charming.


Wow, it’s been a month since the last featured artist? I’m honestly a little shocked! 

I apologize for the severe lack of activity — regular post frequency will resume today, starting with the fantastic work of riqurr. Enjoy!

Iburie (唯部りえ)

Asagiri (あさぎり), also known as asgr

Last time Asagiri was featured, they were just beginning to shift into a vastly new aesthetic style, contrasting their previous, dark, horror tone with a fresh, new, vibrant feel. Since then Asagiri’s body of work has flourished with the new look, thoroughly defining their futuristic vision and overall expanding their machine world. Occasionally, they dip back into their old atmosphere — but it is clear that Asagiri’s work has taken an evolutionary step, with a new pair of eyes.

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Hiroyuki Takahashi  (タカハシヒロユキ)

Using the figure/model as a structure for designing a sculptural environment of surreal, Japan-heavy, technophile fashion, illustrator/designer Hiroyuki Takahashi creates limitless works with overwhelming style. 

Already featured twice, Hiroyuki is being featured yet again because he simply keeps generating that much brilliant new work. Genius really begins to show when you produce a new book full of deluxe, all-original illustrations every year while simultaneously performing live-paintings, designing tangible fashion/accessories, and collaborating with various artists and companies in Japan, France, and the USA — Hiroyuki Takahashi represents the height of contemporary art and fashion for Japan’s sub-culture.

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Jun (純), full name Jun Kumaori (くまおり純)

With an elegantly impressionistic style, Jun paints with the full life of the traditional paint medium they emulate as a digital painter. Their beautiful color palette is rich with color, often bringing in a full spectrum of hues in a refined manner throughout their various strokes of grass, sky, water, and shadow.

Jun’s dream-like, subtlety surreal scenes typically center on a young girl character — however, another hidden character appears in almost every single piece: The Mekarou (メカウロ). The tiny creature resembles a scaled teardrop-shape, and is often very difficult to find, but can most easily be seen within Jun’s icon (last image). The name Mekarou is derived from the Japanese saying 目から鱗が落ちる (translated literally as “to have scales fall from one’s eyes”), a phrase meaning “to see the light”.

*Originally featured artist #15


Illustrator, graphic designer, DJ, SK8er NEMOBRAND fully exploits a Japanese-spun hip-hop, street-style vibe with their illustrative and design genius, remixing urban energy with anime-pop icons and style. Released since they were last featured, their series MOESTREET most directly represents this, with various classic anime and manga characters re-imagined as the the freshest in style on the streets of Japan. The series involves a brilliant blend of NEMOBRAND’s illustration, photography, and conceptual gold — see the full/current series here.

Beyond his personal work, NEMOBRAND is also the mastermind behind the 4-part, 4-year, digital anthology HECATONCHEIR — one of my personal favorite projects, featuring many of the artists shared here and resulting in numerous stunning works. With his own personal talent, conceptual foresight, and multitude of pursuits and connections, I can’t wait to see what next is to come from NEMOBRAND.

*Originally featured artist #45

**See tagged/HECATONCHEIR for more of the artists/work from HECATONCHEIR already featured here.


The incredibly unique approach that uturo takes to digital painting uses an interesting assortment of seemingly basic digital brushes in an impressively raw way. Filled with rapid messes of digital brush-work, uturo pushes the digital aesthetic into an organic direction. On a technical level, most, if not all, of their brushes appear to be the type of default brush that programs such as Photoshop start with — however, rather than achieving an ultimately organic feel through alteration of brush properties, uturo’s kinetic method of laying down raw strokes creates their stunning pieces.

*Originally featured artist #12

Yuuki (ユウキ)

I adimire artists like Yuuki who have an excellent understanding of shapes and ability to render forms, but let themselves play with it, knowing how and when to let style come in. It’s that exaggerated, simplified form (especially with their anatomy) that gives their already kinetic compositions and poses even more flow. The texture or feel of their forms is interestingly uniform — whether it’s food, cloth, or skin, there is an underlying consistency, as if all sculpted from the same type of material. Yuuki employs a charming sense of color to enforce their shapes and composition, often stretching a wide spectrum of hues, but never losing a refined balance. 

*originally featured artist #33

150 Artists

At this point, 150 artists have been featured here on AnimeClay! About a year ago, at the 50 artist mark, I decided to re-feature 5 artists showcasing their new work (see them here). Again, I will be re-featuring 5 artists this coming week mostly showcasing their new work since they were last featured. I’ll start today with Yuuki — enjoy!