AnimeClay Top Features · Editor's Choice · For years I have actively searched through the internet for anime art to adore. After creating a large collection of my favorite artists, I decided it could be nice to share. In America, I feel that much of the anime fandom neglects the artists and their style and pays more attention to the characters -- often paying no respect to the artist/source even if they like it. As an artist myself, this makes me pretty upset. I made this blog hoping to change that around. You can call me Miq, and enjoy the artists, here at Anime Clay.



Hey People! I have some updates I wanted to let you know about.

New Categories

With the number of featured artists at a pretty decent amount now, I thought that it would be nice and useful to give you some categories (tag system). As of now, there are only 2:

  • Top FeaturesSomewhat self-explanatory — most popular posts, as determined by all of you/number of notes. I’ve basically determined the qualifying number on a curve, so artists in this category will fluctuate with time and artist popularity in the future.
  • Editor’s ChoiceWhereas Top Features is essential for your favorites, this section is for mine. Although I support, respect, and admire every artist I share (that being what this blog is fundamentally about), I won’t deny that some resonate with my own taste more than others. Here I will highlight those artists.


Nothing too ground-breaking, but I thought I should make it clear that I have a BRAND NEW icon/logo for AnimeClay. Try not to get too excited:


That’s it for now! Enjoy today’s artist, CLEA!


Kumita (汲田)

Okazu (おかず), previously known as オカZzz.


(I’ve been seeing ASK’s art going around unsourced/uncredited far too much for comfort. Don’t support that.)

count3 (also known as thinnesta or NOLCA_SOLCA)

I’ve been, and still am, anxiously watching count3 since nearly the beginning of their online presence (or at least what I know of it), looking forward to what new, unpredictable direction their work is to go in. Although their gallery is scarce, their skill is top-notch, typically dealing with a uniquely dark themed aesthetic of elegant semi-horror.

It’s amazing when an artist has the talent to express their style in completely different mediums. Illustrator/musician pomodorosa brings out their fresh, casual feel through both stunning illustrations and music.

Seimannu (せいまんぬ)

STAG (also known as Snobby Snob)